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Team Freedom 2 Peking

Peking Challenge 2007 vertrekt/departs 26/09/2007

Volg Team Freedom met hun voorbereidingen en natuurlijk tijdens de reis van Amsterdam naar Peking, "The Extreme Route". Zij zullen zo vaak mogelijk verslag doen met foto's vanaf Amsterdam tot in Peking zodat u ze op de voet mee kunt volgen. Veel Plezier!
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Follow Team Freedom with their preparations en during their trip from Amsterdam to Beijing "The Extreme Route". They wil try to tell their story with pictures during the trip as often as possible so you can follow them along the way. Have fun!
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Fotoalbum –

Nieuws Pers / News Press Posted on Sep 10, 2007 10:42:39

Pieter vroeg mij de link van de fotoalbum van door te verwijzen aan jullie. Bij deze: Pieter asked me to forward the link of the Photo Album of Team to you. So here it is:

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Day 12 Last day of Vodka Trail (ENG)

The Trip (ENG) Posted on Sep 10, 2007 09:35:42

Day 12 Vodka trail 3 Perm – Yekaterinburg

So, that was quite a day we had. It was a only 370 km we drove but we arrived in Perm at 01:30 am. It was the last day of the Vodka Trail and we decided to take the D-tour road. We left the Hotel at 11:00 am trying to get out of the city without any navigation. This is not easy, we have to follow out gut feeling and we got that wrong several times. For instance we took a small road parallel along a railroad track. After several kilometers we reached a dead end, so we had to turn around and head back. This way you do see places and things you normally wouldn’t. Stray dogs lie sleeping in the centre grass parts of round-a bouts over here. If I had a choice our car would be filled with them. “Hanny, maybe an address for you!! Haha, it would break your heart to see this!”. But when you see the poverty of the people themselves around here you can’t expect that the dogs will have it any better, right?? Then I think of our two Viszlas, each lying on their own comfortable sofas. Blog Image

Once we left the city, we entered the country with this beautiful landscape, very peaceful, wide fields and endless hills. I must honestly say I had a much different picture from Russia, but when we were here 20 years ago, we only visited the city Moscow, it was Winter and Communism still ruled. You only find that back in the buildings and apartment buildings around the city outskirts and in the small far away villages where they still follow the old regime what they are used to all their lives as there is nothing or no one to tell them differently. The vehicles they use there are still from the early era and these are never replaced by new ones. One by one these vehicles fall apart or break down and they are left standing outside of the shed. Then at a sudden moment they can’t work the fields any more and the beautifully kept acres turn into grassy fields.

Click underneath to see YouTube movies placed by Pieter & Gaby

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We ended up at a River where we had to wait one hour (trying to keep the drunks of our car) for the ferry to come. The ferry was this tiny little raft with a little boat along side. After a lot of trouble fitting we were able to fit 6 cars on the raft. We were on the ferry, how great is that. When we reached the other side every big boys dream came true, mud, mud and more mud.Blog Image

We could only follow the path before us, we had no other choice. We hoped that our four cars of our group would get through without too many problems. We drove deeper and deeper into the country landscape and passed through what seemed to be little ghost villages, building were ruins and almost fell apart. Finally we did not even come across any houses or buildings for that matter and we plowed on and on and when the paths were not drivable any more we took the fields and drove through it’s long grass. We could only go forward until we could not go any further at all. Every 15 minutes one of us got stuck and the winches had to work overtime again to get each other out. Then we reached a swamp. Bertus, Jan, Piet and Rik left to scout the surroundings and find a way through. Also Arthur, Niels, Maria (the Russian guide), Pieter and I got stuck. After a lot of splashing and drudging we decide to turn around and go back to where we came from, giving up on our urges to keep going. Through another road we found our way to Yekaterinburg. The men had their fun and were satisfied because the winches had worked full time, cars were pulled out and so the day was filled with excitement. I think Maria and I will deal with our excitement by going shopping tomorrow.Blog Image

It’s getting late again (seems to become our motto) and tomorrow we have 1019km ahead of us. A long, long way to Omsk………. Greetings, Pieter & Gaby

Day 11 Mud Crawlers (ENG)

The Trip (ENG) Posted on Sep 10, 2007 00:21:09

Day 11 Izhevsk – Perm

The men say that today the real work starts “this is what we do this for”. At one moment we all got stuck in the mud together and the winches had to work overtime. A winch we don’t have so we had to pull on our boots, wait…… which we don’t have either. Because in some places the mud was knee deep. We are a whole big experience richer.Blog Image

Finally a group of boys, who were watching us, together with Pieter went to get their father and he pulled out 3 of the 4 cars with his tractor. Pieter (us) was the only car that did not get stuck. That is our privilege of driving as last car behind the convoy. The one up front is always the black sheep. In this village there was also a beautiful old church, but because we lost a lot of time trying to get the cars out of the mud there was no time left to see inside the church.

You almost can’t believe your eyes when you see how people live around here. I think we are so privileged to be able to experience this. We have such riches! There were boys standing around me only dressed in T-shirt and three quarter trousers, it was pouring rain. They were so happy when we gave them a pen. It is beautiful here in the Ural Mountains, much like the Ardennes in Belgium but much bigger and more open. Oh yeah, shit! Almost forgot to tell you that when we got up this morning it was pouring rain. We showered, ate breakfast and went to our car. It seemed that we had left the car roof window open all night so we had to sit on soaking wet seats all day. “It’s all part of it”, they say. But it is so that things like these make you change your perspective of things. Pieter told me today that he had thrown all his ideals overboard, he has given up. With this he meant: trying to keep the car as clean as possible, keeping everything structured (Pieter Perfect) the car roof window out of which you cab film is full of mud and I can keep going on. You should do everything twice, because now during such a trip you know what you are missing or don’t have with you and these things are mostly the simplest things. To make it worse our GPS broke down today so these have been some difficult hours for Pieter but he finally found a way to get past this by simply accepting the situation as it presented itself. We just think of and use Carlos’s slogan “It will all work itself out”Blog Image

During our trip we stopped at a small local restaurant with a very long and varied buffet (ahum, see pictures in photo album). Three of us ate for only a total of 3 Euros. That’s a big change from Moscow. However I could not tell you what kind of meat it was they served, it looked suspicious. Pieter ate two of these chewy humps of meat only to regret this later on. FOOD POISONING we call this in our the western world. All night he hung above the toilet bowl, it came out from top and from below, some night we had!!!!! He must have thought that it is better to have it now then when we are in Mongolia. But what do we call a toilet when it when it’s only a hole in the ground and in the corner a bin with dirty paper, not to forget to mention the disgusting smell that hangs around in these places. When we came in there was a drunk passed out on the ground in the middle of the room who finally was removed by the police under a lot of protest.Blog Image There are so many drunks here, today a girl was standing along side of the road, no older then 15 years with a bottle a beer hanging on her mouth??? That is the reason why they call this part of the trial the Vodka Trial. The people smell od alcohol when you roll down the window to ask for directions. But this is enough of today. , hopefully we have more to tell you tomorrow because contact, even by phone is getting more difficult, especially with Holland. I did reach the home front today and spoke to the family, luckily all is going well over there. The kids are well and I wouldn’t expect anything else with such good people to take care of them. Without them, Pieter and I could have never gone on this amazing adventure. Thank you, home front!!!!

We also got the chance today to read all the comments you wrote to us and we enjoyed it very much. They were all so nice and they encourage us. Thank you all!

Believe it or not but it is almost 03:57 am again and we have to get up in two hours. Tomorrow we have to drive 1000 km to Omsk, after this we have a day off and can rest. Which is something we will be needing desperately. With lot’s of love from us xxx