Dear friends of Pieter and Gaby,

Team Freedom are traveling high through the mountains between the volcanoes and crater lakes in Mongolia. They are still enjoying their trip and the beautiful scenery. They have not been able to get any internet connection since last Monday and this will stay that way for the next few days. When they reach Ulaanbaatar (capital city of Mongolia) they hope to be able to find an internet café and post us from day 13 till day 21 with pictures and hopefully some more videos. Thus far the photo below can give you an impression of what Pieter and Gaby could be seeing in the next couple of days.Blog Image

Above picture is used through Google Earth and taken from

Last Saturday Pieter and Gaby’s car broke them. They lost all motor oil due to a rip in the oil return circuit of the turbo. Blog Image

We know thus far that they called and spoke with the home front this morning. They are both doing very well. Last night they had to spend asleep in their car together with other teams traveling with them as they could not make it to the Gerwen Camps where they were expected to spend the night in tents. In the next few days they will have to make up the lost kilometers they have made.

Team Peking Eend (Beijing Duck) is not going to be able to endure the extreme route over the mountains with their Citroën 2CV (Duck), so they are going to be traveling a different and more easier route accompanied by a few other teams.

The Team ‘De Jongens van de Wit’ (de Wit boys) have fixed their bearing and are back on route again.

This morning Team ‘Geen Fratsen’ got stuck in a river and water came into their car. After waiting for two hours they were finally saved and pulled out of de river by 20 Mongols on horseback and 3 hay trucks. That must have been a very thrilling experience for team ‘Geen Fratsen’.

Until this far the news from Pieter and Gaby. We’ll keep you posted!