Dear All,

Here follows a last update of Team Freedom and the rest of the whole group.

They can’t get across the border!!! It seems that the Peking Duck (Citroën 2CV) has finally broken down completely two days ago, 200 kilometers before the border of Mongolia and China. So the Peking Duck Team packed up all their stuff and divided it between a few cars and are traveling together with the Crew team. So the group are now traveling with 14 cars instead of 15.

The first few cars arrive at the border on Monday at 3 am and in the following hours the group grew until finally all 14 cars were complete. Now it seems that on their papers it says that the group is traveling with 15 cars and customs is only counting 14. This is a big problem according to customs. After discussing and talking for hours with customs they stubbornly keep insisting that 15 cars the teams have not even gained anything. So Tuesday afternoon they are still at the border. They have even tried to report the Peking Duck stolen but alas.

I called Gaby yesterday afternoon at around 15:00 hours Dutch time, that’s at about 20:00 hours their time. They all returned to the Ger Camp where they had slept the night before. 5 hours before that Arthur, the Peking Duck Team, a guide and customs officer left to drive back to where the Peking Duck was abandoned. Now the Teams are waiting for their return with hopefully some positive news. So the teams are getting ready and prepared for spending another night at the Ger Camp.

When we look at Google Earth today we see that Arthur and the Peking Duck Crew have returned and that the group is waiting at the Chinese border. What is happening now we don’t exactly know but according to the sms messages on the Peking Challenge website (all sms’s are in Dutch language) they could still be hours or weeks away from crossing the border. And all this while they should have arrived in Beijing today.

So, now we just wait for Pieter & Gaby to check in on the web log. They have much more to tell you then just about this situation. I would say, light up a candle and say some prayers so that they may get through customs soon and finally are able to arrive in Beijing and after this can safely return home.

Greeting, Sonja