We woke up very refreshed from our night at the Ger Camp in Zamyn-Uud along the Mongolian-Chinese border. It is 14:25 hours and we have been waiting since 10:00 am this morning. There is namely a problem, you see, the Peking Duck, the Citroën 2CV broke down yesterday and was abandoned. The steering was broken and the service team tried their best to repair it but alas. So the Peking Duck chauffeurs got into the car with the medical team and they all left the Peking Duck behind. This was just the big problem because now they are being very difficult at the Mongolian side of the border. The car must be picked up or towed. This will become a annoying situation. We must await the outcome.

Now it is almost 17:10 in the afternoon and still there have been no changes. Arthur took a guide and the police to the spot where they left the Peking Duck behind and hopefully they are writing up a police report and we can all pass the border when they return. But maybe I am having high hopes if this will happen today as the border on the Chinese side closes at 17:30. What a bureaucratic bull shit, because that’s what it is all about a little piece of paper. Blog Image

Now quickly about something else. I spoke the Mongolian guide yesterday and he said that we had been “Extremely Lucky”!! That night when we got surprised by soldiers we had already crossed the border to China and so we were trespassing into China. And with the upcoming Olympic games and the attacks on since 9-11 the Chinese military are very alert, cautious and extremely strict. They probably told us in Chinese to halt and luckily that is just what we did, otherwise they would have reacted much differently and most probably would have fired their machine guns at us as soon as we would make a wrong move. It happens often that shepherds get lost in winter storms and end up on the Chinese side and that this becomes a long lasting bureaucratic struggle which can take at least 3 months in which these people spend time in prison. With one person it even took 2 years before he was freed. The guide said that we were very lucky that they did not take us prisoner and that it did not become a political situation and that they allowed us to just turn around and let us go back the way we came from. Well, I just did not know what to think (and I was not alone). So now you can see what happens when you get of the path. But luckily we are here and can tell the story.

I have nothing further to tell right now. It is most probable that we have to return to the same Ger Camp where we spend the night before and have to spend another night under the Mongolian skies.

Greetings Gaby