Just as we expected we had spend another night in Mongolia at the Ger Camp from the night before. Yesterday the police went with Arthur, the guide, Lex and Linda to the place where the Peking Duck was abandoned. Here they found traces of theft and left behind materials of the car. It seems that the Peking Duck was stolen. All the police could do now was to write up a report of theft and we would hopefully be able to cross the border today.Blog Image

So we returned to the Ger Camp and a group of 30 Germans had arrived just before us who were also driving a rally. That meant that all the Ger tents were occupied. We were able to sleep with the whole group together in one big Ger tent. So as it was said so it was done. We had a blast. Lot’s of snoring though and from all sides these strange noises came and Vital had a subtle explanation for each noise made.

This morning we were all up early again at 7:00 am and after breakfast we headed for the border and all were present at 8:30 am at the Mongolian side. Finally the paperwork was all done and we could pass at 15:30 in the afternoon. Now we are waiting at the Chinese border waiting for them to finish all the needed paperwork. Blog Image

At 17:00 in the afternoon we are finally all driving in convoy with 500 kilometres to go. The Chinese government wants to keep an eye on things and thus to keep all under control we have to keep driving in convoy and we are absolutely are not allowed to get off track. Tonight we spend at a small hotel and tomorrow we have another 200 kilometres to go and we will have reached the Great Chinese Wall. That’s where our trip ends. Finished……. The last week has gone so quickly.

In Beijing some wives and children of some of the challengers will be awaiting their arrival. So that will be a great and welcoming reunion for them. What we still have been so lucky with so far is the weather. Everyday clear blue skies and approximately 30 degrees Celsius, excluding a couple days when it was a little less off course.

Further we have no news.

Greetings from us xxx